About us

Dogma Studio helps organizations to transform information resources into revenue. Artificial business intelligence and digital marketing are our key areas of expertise. Our education, recruitment, digital content, consultancy and software licensing services cover all your needs.

We are trusted partners with KNIME- the worldwide leader of data science tools. KNIME is an intuitive and efficient advanced analytics platform for everyone in need for an easy, flexible and powerful solution.

Dogma Studio educational training and courses on KNIME, business intelligence and artificial intelligence are designed to get you from the beginner to the advanced level. Start from scratch and power your business by real-time machine learning models fully integrated into your organization in a matter of weeks.

Dogma Studio is your source of human resources in data, analytics, research, data science and digital content areas. Looking for a talent to work with you? Are you a unicorn looking for a new project? We are here for you.